Presenting PageTreeIcons

April 20, 2008

Developing for EPiServer CMS 5? Ever wanted to be able to easily show all editors that a page is just a container, that the page really is a redirect to another or that a certain property is missing on a page? Or do you just want to make that page tree a little more intuative? I have a least.

Therefore I’m now presenting to you, PageTreeIcons, an easy way to show icons in the EPiServer PageTree depending on different parameters such as the one described above. It can show icons in front of the page name like the icons for the root page, start page and recycle bin or behind like the status icons (new, not visible in menu).

PageTreeIcons comes with five standard handlers that select what icon to show for a specific page. These handlers are:

  • Page type
  • Page reference
  • Link type – Shortcut, External or Fetch data.
  • Property value
  • Icon property – A property on the page has the path to the icon to use.

You can also build you own handlers by implementing a simple interface and then specify them in the configuration file.

So how do you get your hands on this PageTreeIcon thing? Well for know, leave a comment on the page and I can send you the install package, I will also contact the good people of epicode and see if I can get it published there.

If might also come back with another blog post describing how to configure this thing if there is any demand for it.