One of the things that I’m always aiming for when creating a module for EPiServer is that you should be able to install it simply by dropping a single assembly to the bin folder. There should be no or very little configuration needed (Convention over Configuration!)  and you shouldn’t have to place files in folders here and there.

The first and probably most important step towards this goal was introduced to the wider EPiServer audience by Dan, Johan and Allan quite a while back ago, where they showed how to reference embedded .aspx files using a virtual path provider.

At Intergen were I currently work we are using this technique frequently and as of late we also introduced a standard way to embed EPiServer language files within these module assemblies, the MetaPropertyModifier that I wrote about the other week is built with embedded language files. The key requirements that we set up for this was that it should still be possible to add more languages later and also possible to override strings in the included languages.

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