Quick update my ‘nice feel’ custom property

April 19, 2009

I just wanted to follow up on my previous post on creating an ‘nice feel’  custom EPiServer property that I posted a few weeks ago. Got some great comments and thought I would follow up with an updated version of my example property.

First, you can find the new source code here: PropertyPageTypeList, PropertyPageTypeListControl

I’m going to let the code speak for itself, but I can highlight a few key changes:

  • It’s now inheriting directly from PropertyData instead of PropertyLongString
  • I renamed it from collection to list and exposing the PageTypeCollection as an IList<PageType>
  • It’s now allowing changes to the PageType list property that will be persisted when saved.
  • I have made a number of smaller changes to prepare for the creation of a PropertyObjectBase and PropertyObjectListBase. I will post these very soon, possible on EPiCode if there is any interest?

Again thanks for the previous feedback. Let me know if there is any more things you would like to see improved!

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