PageTreeIcons is picking up some speed

May 9, 2008

Since my last blog post about my EPiServer module PageTreeIcons, a number of things have happened that I thought I share with you really quickly (its half past twelve here and I have a release to do 7am tomorrow morning).

  • Published PageTreeIcons on epicode. Everything went really smooth, easy as to add source code and wiki pages by following their instructions on how to contribute. I would recommend everyone that is working on EPiServer to dig around and see if they can’t contribute with anything there! Also big thanks to Steve Celius at for your help!
  • Then some really nice comments from one of the other guys at BV Networks, Stein-Viggo Grenersen. He also added a request to include the target page name in the LinkType handler tool tip.
  • Added target page name to the LinkType handler tool tip and released and published version 0.2 of PageTreeIcons. The EPiServer page tree didn’t want to let me add a link to the page that updated the page tree easily, so that is left for the future.
  • Another post by Stein-Viggo that included PageTreeIcons, now featured on the EPiServer Labs blogs. This time voting for me as EMVP! I am truly honored, but I myself think I need improve my visibility a bit more. But I have a ton of cool ideas for EPiServer modules to build and publish. Stay tuned!
  • Super-Viggo is on a roll, adds a Screencast of PageTreeIcons to the epicode site!
  • PageTreeIcons is now the featured module on epicode front page!
  • Finally, beeing the featured module inspired me to write up some documentation on how to configurate the PageTreeIcons module and add that to the epicode wiki as well. Next on line is a write up on how to create your own tree icon handler. My documentation skills are getting up to a state that I just can call them slightly horrible.
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