Changing the icons in the EPiServer page tree

December 15, 2007

So… I poked around some more in the EPiServer interface. Theming just didn’t cut it. So I wrote an adapter that supports adding icons and ability to do changes to the page tree. Right now it has a cool setup where you can specify a ITreeIconHandler in the web.config and it lets you add whatever you want to a specific node in the page tree really easy. So far I have four default tree icon handlers setup. One that specifies an icon for a specific PageType, one for a specific PageReference, one on LinkType (think shortcut, external link, fetch data from another page) and finally one that lets you specify a page property that holds the icon path.

All to make that page tree more intuitive for the editors.Think container pages, rss feeds and various types of data pages. Here is a preview of how it looks.


Do you have any other ideas of what you would like to put in the page tree? Got one request to be able to hide certain page types when placed in certain containers, will try that out today I think.

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